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Let's work together to find solutions 

A Customized Experience

Our goal of creating accessible education for all students begins with you. Arise Education Consultants will help with your institution's collective needs by carefully constructing strategies to reach your goals. Fueled by our desire for change, innovation and accessibility in higher education, we want to empower leaders and faculty to take student learning to a deeper level. By combining your faculty expertise with our strategic approach to course delivery, the next generation of students benefits from our collaborative efforts.



Course design is not just for 100% online instruction. The techniques used for effective student engagement in a remote setting can be embedded inside traditional courses, improving outcomes for students with diverse learning styles, varying levels of ability, or in-depth experiences. Learn the theory, tools, tips and strategies behind effective online learning and student engagement.

Neat Computer Desk



When faculty have varying levels of experience with online learning - and the hundreds of tools at their disposal - students can have a disjointed experience.  At Arise, we foster innovation through collaborative workshops and trainings that allow faculty to share knowledge, discuss learning applications, and reflect on best practices.

Analytics and Research

Decisions about course design rely heavily on an analysis of the student population. What strategies are best suited to their needs? Give your faculty a leg up with an analysis of the support systems and barriers that might prevent your students from achieving success in their online coursework. Get analysis on existing data, or set up mechanisms to collect data into the future.


Take the First Step 

Thought-provoking advice, interactive professional development, and in-depth analyses of your programs are our specialties at Arise. Let us help you get started on the path toward accessible education.   

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