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Analyze the competition, put sustainable systems in place, and align your support team for success

We take a practical approach to improving

student success  

With Arise Education Consultants, personalize a research package to fit the needs of your institution. Examine the labor market in your region, review pricing trends and define your competitive advantages. Ensure your website and communications won’t turn away the students you want to reach. Analyze online engagement rates, review support workflows, and streamline your infrastructure amidst an ever-changing landscape.

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Market Analysis and Organizational Effectiveness

  • Market Positioning: Competitive Advantages 

  • Curriculum, Pricing and Labor Market Trends

  • Student Support: Workflows and System Effectiveness

  • Identifying Gaps: Department Functional Analysis 

  • Strategic Planning and Business Model Alignment

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Online and Hybrid

Student Support

  • Retention: Early Indicators, Data Collection and Response Times  

  • Identifying Gaps: Advising, Coaching and Support Referrals

  • Data Analysis: Disaggregated Student Outcomes 

  • Improving Access: Is it Hard to be a Student Here?

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Website, Student Services and Communications

  • Student Support: Removing Unintended Barriers in Communications

  • Identifying Gaps: Response Times, Reminders and Deadlines

  • Improving Access: Unnecessary Barriers to Admission or Re-entry

  • Improving Access: Website and LMS Inclusion and Accessibility


Success Starts With You

Strategically build each layer of your online or hybrid programs based on careful, customized research. Arise Educational Consultants can help you discover which strategies will give you the results you want.

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