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Accessible education can happen, we just have to design it 

We take an active approach to online course design

With Arise Education Consultants, your team will receive specific strategies for their approach to online course development. Review various technologies and discuss how to choose the right one. Identify and avoid the most common mistakes that inhibit student success.  We provide practical approaches to multimedia engagement, including how long each technique takes to prepare, what equipment to buy, and shortcuts that save you hours of frustration.



Strategies for Course Design

Our research-based best practices for creating online courses address 

student engagement, retention and academic integrity. Utilize instructional design strategies to enhance your online, hybrid or flipped classroom.   



Enhance Quality of Curriculum

Implement quality controls to avoid rookie mistakes and address common misconceptions. Restructure curriculum within a single course or an entire degree program to ensure learning meets objectives and has a solid foundation.

Train Crossing Bridge


Connect With Your Learners

Traditional college-age residential students represent only 16% of national higher education enrollment. Discover universal design teaching strategies for a diverse population of learners.

On a Video Call


Explore Innovative Technologies

Create engaging and interactive videos, discover innovative tech tools, gamify your course or maximize your learning management system. Explore the use of drones, panoramic images and 360º videos for the ultimate interactive course experience.


Take Action Online

One-on-one discussions about your specific needs is what we do best. Educators need actionable strategies they can implement immediately into their coursework, which is why Arise Education Consultants provides a series of blogs, documents, videos and infographics to get educators moving forward. 

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