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Arise was founded by educators with a combined expertise spanning over 30 years of experience in higher education. Fueled by a shared passion for education, Ryan O’Mealey and Caitlin Barnes are a brother and sister team who partnered together to offer services to support and elevate the efforts of faculty, administrators and staff in higher education. Arise Education Consultants provides mentoring, analysis and training to better equip educators to provide students with an accessible education and a brighter future.

Our Vision: Preparing for a New Era in Education

Arise began in response to the millions* of students who drop out of college each year because their real-life circumstances don’t conform to traditional, time-based coursework.  We know that faculty, facing declining enrollments and budget cuts, have the power to help all students succeed through engaging, interactive online learning.


At Arise we believe that creative course design, informed by strategic analysis, is the key to navigating these challenges.  Changing the education business model starts with curriculum designed specifically for a diverse range of learners.

Arise specializes in empowering faculty and staff with simple, practical and creative solutions for online and hybrid learning.  Whether your program is fully online, or you want to improve student success with innovative content delivery, Arise can help.


*Frederick Hess. 2018. ‘The College Dropout Problem’., June 6. 

Redesign Online

It is time to meet our students where they are, which is in an online world. We have the experience and realistic steps to help you face this challenge head-on. Let's create effective online programs together.

A Holistic Approach

The change in higher education begins in the classroom, but extends to all facets of the student experience. Arise will take a bird's-eye view of your online coursework, programs and communications; then, we help determine which strategies will build lasting change, tailored to your educational and accreditation standards.  

A Strategic Approach

Ever feel like you are constantly throwing ideas against the wall, to see if they stick? Get out of the stressful, guessing-game pattern and implement strategies based on thoughtful research and analytics that target your students. 

Partnering with Arise Education Consultants

Students in Generation Z have grown up gathering information through technology, and their expectations for education are unlike any generation before.  US companies increasingly demand adaptable workers with unpredictable schedules in a gig-based economy.  Higher education must address these shifting dynamics for both students and employers. We need flexible, web-enhanced coursework that combines

thoughtful design and intuitive technology.


Is your institution ready to meet this challenge head on?


The unique combination of expertise within Arise Education Consultants provides a cost-effective and customized opportunity to address these challenges and more in online and hybrid education.

Change begins with a risk-free conversation. 


48 States

support policy for K-12 educators to switch to competency-based learning.

CompetencyWorks. 2018. ‘Snapshot of CBE State Policy’.


6.9 Million

students enrolled in online or distance learning at post-secondary institutions.

National Center for Education Statistics. 2018. ‘Distance Learning Fact Facts’.



of the US workforce will become non-traditional (gig) workers by 2023.

MBO Partners. 2019. ‘State of Independence in America Report’.



of online instructors believe the experience has improved their overall pedagogy and teaching engagement skills.

Inside Higher Ed. 2019. 'Faculty Attitudes on Technology'.


Take the First Step 

The decision to create accessible education begins with you. Let Arise Education Consultants empower you to build new pathways within your institution toward student success. 

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