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Inclusive Education is Possible


All over the world, faculty are called to redesign their classrooms and integrate ever-changing technology. Online and hybrid learning has the potential to reach new and diverse learners, yet so many of our friends and colleagues need help getting started. At Arise, we empower educators with research-based strategies that make learning manageable, flexible and accessible to all. 

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Our Education Services

At Arise Education, we are passionate about improving access to higher education for all people, regardless of background, income level or geographic location.  We support access in two ways.  First, we provide educators with specific tools, strategies and techniques to deliver high-quality coursework in an online format.  Second, we examine student support systems to ensure your institution is primed and ready to graduate more students than ever before.


A Unique Collaboration

 Addressing both instructional design and data analysis allows us to offer professional training and workshops to the faculty and staff of higher education. We use this holistic approach to make education more accessible, informed by our personal dedication to student success. 

Online Instructional Design

We specialize in delivering educational content online, no matter if it is 1% or 100% of the coursework. Whether your faculty are just getting started or are power-users who want to take web-based learning to a new level, Arise can help. Choose from a series of services or customize your Arise consulting package to build an environment unique to your students.

Training and Workshops

Powerful ideas can occur when educators get in a room together to share experiences.  Arise offers training solutions for web-enhanced learning in the form of workshops, webinars, speaking engagements, or customized onboarding sessions for new faculty and staff.  When travel is a concern, we offer online small-group workshops customized to your needs.

Research and Analysis

Which courses should be redesigned? What is the cost, is there a market, and how do we support students? Let Arise help you establish successful online programs. We offer data analysis services that identify student risk factors, examine gaps in support, and determine threats from your competition. Choose from a list or request a special project. 

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Progress begins with a conversation. Contact us to discuss your needs in higher education. 

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